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Board of the Students and Young Researchers Forum
Acoustical Society of Japan, Executive Office
Nakaura 5th Building, 2nd Floor
2-18-20 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-0021, Japan

Questions and comments regarding the forum
We welcome any questions, comments and other feedback regarding the forum at the following e-mail address:
E-mail: info (_at_)

Submitting a student awards questionnaire
If you are the recipient of a student award from the Acoustical Society of Japan and would like to contribute with your answers to our questionnaire (available for download at the student awardsJP page), please send your filled form to the following address:
E-mail: award (_at_)

Contributing with a personal anecdote or requesting inclusion to our laboratories link page
Please use the e-mail address below if you are interested in contributing one of your personal experiences for our anecdotes page, or if you want us to include a link to your company or academic institution in our laboratories repository.
E-mail: hp (_at_)