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Spring 2013 Beginners Seminar -Building an Introductory Encyclopedia of Acoustics-

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There are many topics (Q) in acoustics that can be hard to learn just from a textbook introduction. "What is the cepstrum?" "How do you calculate a convolution?" Sometimes a better explanation (A) to these and other topics  can come from slightly unconventional approaches.

The Acoustical Society of Japan, through the Students and Young Researchers Forum, is compiling an Introductory Encyclopedia of Acoustics to reach out and help students and researchers new to the field of acoustics.

We will be holding an introduction to this project in the upcoming Beginners Seminar during the Spring 2013 meeting of the Acoustical Society of Japan. Besides introducing this project, we will hold a discussion session and will be taking suggestions for the next Q's to be getting their A's on the encyclopedia.

You can find more details here(JP) and here(JP).

Date and time: Wednesday March 13 from 16:30 to 18:00

Place: Tokyo University of Technology, Katayanagi Advanced Research Lab., 3rd floor, hall 8 (room KE304)


Bureau: Board of the Students and Young Researchers Forum

16:30-16:35 About the Beginners Seminar

OKAWA Shigeki (Chiba Institute of Technology / Chair of the committee for activation and development of freshmen)

16:35-16:55 Presentation of the Introductory Encyclopedia of Acoustics

Q0: What are the auditory filters?

KIDANI Shunsuke (JAIST / Supervising editor of the Introductory Encyclopedia of Acoustics)

16:55-18:00 Questions and Answers (Q&A) session covering diverse branches of acoustics (4~5 entries)

(Editorial board, Introductory Encyclopedia of Acoustics)

 Q1: What is PCM?  SHINOZAKI Takahiro (Chiba University)

 Q2: I don't understand what subjective evaluation is  OODE Satoshi (NHK STRL)

 Q3: I don't know how to use a sound meter  IMOTO Keisuke (NTT)

 Q4: So, concretely, what is the cepstrum?  OKAMOTO Takuma (NICT)


Board of the Students and Young Researchers Forum, Editorial board of the Introductory Encyclopedia of Acoustics